The Haunts Hearse showing off at the Brownsburg Rotary Car Show August 2010.Does anyone remember the old Hauntsburg High School...Hmmm?The HAUNTSBURG Haunted House Pinewood Derby Car at the Brownsburg Motorsports Celebration.  Scary FAST!And then, the Haunts Hearse was on display at the huge Avon War Memorial Car Show at Avon Town Hall Lake!RCS Construction Services provided knowledge and oversight during the construction of HAUNTSBURG.  Thanks RCS!Sebree Architects spent many hours working on a floorplan for Hauntsburg.  Companies like Sebree, make our community a better place.One of our most spooky lady friends.  Her spider friend is along for the ride.The Town of Hauntsburg Welcomes all.  We are "Dying for a New Tomorrow!" Taylor, one of the living mortals that created Hauntsburg lifting a load!  As usual, he's working hard for us CREEPS!Aw come on, give us a kiss!Did you see this crazy man in the North Salem "Old Fashioned Days" parade?  Hard to miss him for sure!This is our one-legged skeleton, "Peggy,"  that rides shotgun in the Haunts Hearse.  She's not much of a conversationalist.John, one of our tireless mortals, taking a brief break before creating more "things that go BUMP in the night!"Like the way the Haunts Hearse looks?  Wild huh!  That's due to TKO Graphics in Plainfield, Indiana.  Outstanding marketing!Yes, this is a real place in Terre Haute, IN.  We love it as you might imagine!Humans start unloading our bodies.  Is that the ghost of Scott watching?Well, we warned you!Wrenches makes the Haunts Hearse run great and they are right down the street from Hauntsburg on 136 in Brownsburg.  Great service from top notch professionals.  Thanks again Guys!"Mom, have you met my new girlfriend?"  JD sure seems happy to have met her/it!Another Ghoulie is peering out of the back of the Haunts Hearse!Mayor Green, in one of his better moods.  Granny just sits around waiting for everything to happen.  While the living are near, she sits still, but when alone, she wanders HAUNTSBURG!Jon is always smiling...expecially when the sun goes down!In the beginning...21,500 square feet and lots of imagination to fill it up!  Welcome to HAUNTSBURG!Mike Trammel and the guys at Big O Tires in Brownsburg set us up with some great looking wheels and tires on the Haunts Hearse.  Great companies like this make this event happen!This is John and his pet wall.  He takes it everywhere.  Our 6'-0" giant skull has been drawing attention since it was created during the Haunts of Hidden River Haunted Hayrides!Everything we do, is designed to get you to SCREAM!Avon Transmission generously helped us get our Haunts Hearse up and running.  Great companies like this make this event happen!A THORN between two ROSES for sure!   Lucky guy!This is our 2010 billboard on westbound Interstate 74Construction required hundreds of volunteer hours and sweat.  You know who you are.  Thanks isn't enough.Mary & Megen.  Both the same age.  Megen just takes care of her skin better?HAUNTSBURG needed a BIG sign because its a BIG haunted house!  One of the largest ever in Indiana!These are our HAUNTSBURG limited edition Tee Shirts!  For the public, they will have this image on the front.  Only Boo Crew volunteers get the specail "Boo Crew" version with the big image on the back and the "Boo Crew" on the front!So, who is creepier, the guy looking over the wall, or the thing in the background?Cody appling some touches to his creepy new home.Well, yes, our neighbors do think we are weird.  But, doesn't everyone have a coffin on a trailer in their driveway?Here it is...a REAL photo of our HAUNTED LADDER!!!!  Muhaahahaha!Yes, this is a living human.  We use him to scare the un-dead out of HAUNTSBURG!Marilyn is a hard working lady.  Helping us to construct and lots of moral support.The sign for the front of HAUNTSBURG is coming along!Justin has been hard at it since we started.  We might just rename it "Justinburg"!Why is it the young guys can work on the complicated stuff "no problem" and we long-timers are clueless?Durning our volunteer work nights, we get a ton done!  You guys ROCK!All those walls need to be painted before we decorate.  Thank you ladies!Scott has the sign just about done.  It took a long time, but it should look good!Major wall construction...all being done to scare the YELL out of people!  Heh heh.These guys got the bright idea to actually use a paint sprayer on our walls.  Are we high tech or what!
The Town of HAUNTSBURG was brought to life by the hard work of a large group of very entusiastic volunteer mortals... our Boo Crew!  Without them, the CREEPS that inhabit our spooky town would never have come back from the dead and HAUNTSBURG wouldn't exist!  Below are photos showing many aspects of HAUNTSBURG, enjoy!  Thank You to our Boo Crew, Sponsors and Guests!
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