For 10 years, Brownsburg's Haunted Hayrides was one of the most successful charitable haunts in the United States.  It was so unique that the organizers were invited to Chicago to speak and present on the Haunts of Hidden River at the annual Transworld Haunted Attraction Show!  There are many great haunts in the country but very few that are done for charitable purposes on the scale of Brownsburg's Haunted Hayrides.

In the 10 years of offering spooky haunted hayrides, over 100,000 riders enjoyed the efforts of the "Boo Crew" that put on the Haunted Hayrides.  It was the largest all-volunteer event ever in Hendricks County, Indiana!

The Haunted Hayrides are now over.  Vandalism, theft and the elements took their toll on volunteers.  And so, HAUNTSBURG Haunted House was born.  The benefit of creating an indoor haunted adventure was that the Boo Crew ccoud spend a great deal of time designing and erecting sets with extraordinary detail that are safe and sound in the off hours.  Weather was never a problem with an indoor haunt and amazing levels of creativity, costumes and lighting can be produced that simply were not possible out in the woods. 

Brownsburg's Haunted Hayrides will certainly be missed.  Click the logo above if you'd like to visit the old website.  There, you will find great memories, photos and fun!

You never know...perhaps the hayrides will return...someday?
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